Il rap di Google+

Dopo la canzone di Google+, ecco il rap di Google+. Il nuovo social network di Google ispira i musicisti.
Avevo giusto la scorsa settimana postato la canzone di Google+, oggi seguo quel trend e vi mostro un altro pezzo ispirato dal nuovo social network di Google.

In questo caso si tratta di un rap: il rap di Google+

Il rap di Google+

Per chi ne volesse sapere un po' di più lui è Funniz e questo è il testo della canzone, disponibile anche su iTunes:

If you’re not on Google+, you’re pretty much a loser
Unless you’re an Orkut or Friendster user
+1′ing the future, so don’t make a fuss
it’s cooler than a field trip where you take a shuttle bus

Google Plus is taking over like a restless beast
Install the plugin, join a hangout and discuss the middle east

Before I continue, I must make amends
I only know about it cause of Twitter trends
Do you have interests? Cool join a spark
I added my dog to a circle called Bark

But yeah Circles are nice, cause you can drag and drop
While on Facebook you can see your friends are taking quizzes nonstop

One caveat is there’s not much stalking
Unless you’re mutual friends…better get talking

But who cares about that? It’s simple and clean
and fortunately not owned by an evil corporate machine

Want an invite, nope sorry you don’t get it
The only way to get it is to beg for one on reddit

So add me to your circle, it doesn’t take much maintenance
And of course i’ll add you back (to my circle of aqquaintence)

And it’s easy to use, don’t be nervous:
it’s tightly integrated with every other google service!

yeah Facebook has Farmville and pokes what a mess
This new social network has granular privacy controls, of course it’s the best!

Google Plus is taking over so you better make way
Better start importing your Gmail contacts today

It’s the perfect website, and people can’t resist
You can even add Grandma, just pretend it’s a buddy list

If you’re still fond of Facebook, don’t say another word
Go to google+ and add me and Mark Zuckerberg

It’s new it’s cool it’s hip and trendy, it’s a double hitter
Here’s the google plus press release: f**k twitter

L'ultima riga mi ha fatto proprio ridere: "Questo è il comunicato stampa di Google+: fan***o Twitter".

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